I thought it would be fun to reflect back on 2010 on the graceforgrace site highlighting some of the posts that stood out to me this year.  I’ll break them into categorgies as follows:

Most Controversial Post

The most controversial post on graceforgrace was definitely “How Can a Christian or Mormon Vote Democrat?”  I posted this shortly after the Republican candidate I was supporting lost and was still a bit heated after the loss.  Mormons and Christians from both parties had a lot to say on this post and I learned a good lesson in humility and quickly wrote the follow-up post entitled “Christians and Democrats-I’m o.k. You’re o.k.”

Least Viewed Post

The least viewed post by far was my post entitled “I’m Thankful For...” with only 15 views. (click on it again and read it…see if we can bump it up to 20 : )

Most Viewed Post

For the third year in a row, the most viewed post by far is the one I wrote in 2008 entitled “10 Steps to Recover from Anxiety and Depression“.  I am very glad this has helped so many thousands of people throughout the years and hope it continues to help people overcome these struggles and get their lives back.

Most Faith-Promoting Story

One of the most memorable events that brought me closer to God this year was my experience of dressing as a homeless person.  I shared the story back in May on the post called “Lessons Learned from My Experience Dressing as A Homeless Man.”

Funnest Post

I had fun writing the post on the top Christian songs you don’t usually hear in church and also hearing what other readers had to say.

Bringing Christians Together

The post I wrote highlighting Christians who believe Mormons are also Christians was very influential for many people this year.  As I mention in my purpose of this blog, it is to bring people of all faiths together.  I hope we can continue this trend in 2011.