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You’ve all probably either seen or heard this video by now and if you haven’t seen it, then here it is:


I think it is good that BYU is reaching out to Gay Mormon members.  While I’m not of that persuasion, I know people including family members who are, and they feel very distant from the LDS church and also members of the Church.  By   BYU reaching out to gay Mormon students, it shows they support them and love them as individuals.

After watching the video, I can see it is a good thing to come out and discuss the issue openly and support people who struggle with this.  I view it as something like any other weakness that we as humans struggle with and we need help and the Lord’s love to get through the struggles.

On the other hand, I could see how this video could be interpreted as showing the image that BYU, and essentially the LDS or Mormon church supports the sexual acts involved of being a gay Mormon.  This, I can see could hurt the Mormon Church’s stance on homosexuality as being a sin and not condoning it.

What are your thoughts?


Over the course of the last few years, I’ve heard conservatives within the LDS and without the LDS church openly denouce homosexual relationships.  As most of us also know, the LDS or Mormon church has taken a political stance to openly support groups in favor of not legalizing gay marriage alongside the Catholic and other predominantly Christian faiths.

As an LDS member, I’ve seen the church’s stand divide members.  Historically, the Mormon Church’s leadership has advised its membership not to mix religion and politics, but in this case it is evident that the LDS Church puts aside that advice and has pushed for political action.

Although I feel the intentions of the LDS church are not to be anti-gay, I have sensed that some members of the LDS church may view the Church’s actions as being anti-gay, or promoting intolerance, etc.  I’ve even heard some members who have said they would never allow a gay person in their homes so their kids wouldn’t be corrupted.

I personally do not condone homosexuality, and I feel that I’m a pretty tolerant person.  However, I’ve wondered myself how I would react if one of my children, relatives, or close friend were to come into my home with their significant other.

The opportunity knocked on my door late in the evening recently—literally.  We were having a birthday party for my oldest daughter and family and friends were gathered around our home.  It was about 7:30 p.m. and we heard a knock.  The party had been going for a couple hours already so we joked it must be someone late to the party.

When I opened the door, I was surprised to see a relative of mine, who was a returned missionary but had since left the Mormon faith and come out that he was gay.  He had felt unwelcome by our family in recent years and had chosen not to participate in reunions and such.

My first reaction was a bit of surprise, but then I felt a genuine excitement to see him.  All thoughts of him being gay were gone and I remembered how personable and nice he was.  I saw his partner (also a former elder of the LDS church) coming out of the car as well and again, I didn’t feel any sense of judgement or hesitation to let them both into my home.

They both sat down and I introduced him to everyone in my wife’s family.  We sat down and had a very good discussion, catching up on life in general and how each of us were doing.  As they explained the efforts they had made to come visit, I even felt more appreciative that they had stopped by.  On the way through our town, he had remembered the name of the town and called my uncle for our address and phone number.  My uncle only had our address so he and his partner turned around and back-tracked about 45 minutes to get to our house, not knowing if we would be there, but willing to take the time to stop by.

Our evening together was very pleasant.  Our discussion was a very normal conversation and not once did I feel like taking my kids and hiding them in the back room as they both interacted with our kids.

It wasn’t until they had both left and I started thinking about our conversation that I remembered they were gay and that I had wondered within myself how I would react if someone who was gay were to come by with their other half in front of my kids.  I was glad for the experience as the official words from the LDS church’s position on homosexuality became a reality for me:

…we reach out with understanding and respect to people with same-gender attraction.

I couldn’t believe what I read in a recent article, coming from a pastor who claims to be Christian and supporting Rick Santorum.  Here’s the quote:

In obedience to the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, most South Carolinans and I have a sane and healthy homophobia, while Mitt Romney has a very bad case of homophilia,” said Mills in a joint statement with fellow pastor, Rev. Ray Moore, according to The Hill. “Romney’s liberal support for homosexuality is not only at doctrinal odds with traditional Judaism and Christianity, it’s even at odds with latter-day cults like Islam and Mormonism.

I hope that this is just a fringe Christian wing-nut who doesn’t represent the way most Christians feel about people who struggle with homosexuality.

What are your thoughts, fellow Christians?


The “Life as a Reader” blog has an interesting post I thought I would share.  It is a testimony of a young man raised by gay parents.  The testimony he shared is compelling and passionate from his point of view.

Personally, I can understand where both sides of the aisle are coming from.  I wonder if there is a way to please both sides of the debate.  For example, what if they defined gay unions as simply “unions” instead of “marriage”?  That would allow the gay couples to have rights and also not redefine the definition of what marriage is.

What are your thoughts?

I was reading the blog “The Vissisitudes of Life” this morning about Gay Rights vs. Civil Rights

He brings up a point that for some reason I’ve never thought of before in that when God creates man he creates them male and female and commands them to have children.  This scripture is common to Jews, Muslims and Christians and therefore a majority of world religions.

This led me to ponder the question of if one is gay can they truly believe in not only the Bible, but other scriptures from the aforementioned faiths as well. 

As I thought about this I can see how people can feel strongly in a variety ways.

1. One may argue that they are gay because they are born that way.  If you truly believe that you can be born gay, please explain how you can still believe in the Bible.

2. Others will probably come from the camp that you choose to be gay.  Please support your opinion on this as well.

3. I can also see how one could say you can be gay and believe the bible, but that being gay is a sin since God commands against it.

What are your thoughts?

I read this article in Meridian Magazine and thought it was very appropriate to share.  This brother in LA has every right to retaliate, but chooses a Christ-like approach to dealing with opposition.

To read the article click here.

This short video was forwarded to me by a friend this morning.  I think it is an extreme example, but one that could definitely take place should the law pass to legalize same-sex marriages.  Here is the link to view the video:

For me the video raises a few questions.  First, this is terrible that the schools deem it necessary to “legally” over-step the parents’ role as husband and wife to raise their children.  It appears to be a serious step towards a socialist society.  Freedom seems to be wiped away from the equation in this situation.

Next, most of us have been accustomed to being tolerant for others’ beliefs.  It appears that because in Massachusetts it is legal to have same-sex marriages, there should be no tolerance for beliefs otherwise.  I find it rather ironic that those who scream for tolerance choose not to practice it themselves.  Will this be the case nationwide should the proposition not pass this November?

Third, I wonder what this father did while he was meeting with the school board about his beliefs.  I wonder if he was calm and collected, or if he became angry or lost his temper and that is why he was put in jail.  This could just be an extreme case.

If you support traditional marriage you can do so and still be respectful towards your family and friends who are gay.  View this website to learn more about protecting traditional marriage:

I want to thank Steve who commented on this post and gave me a great article that addresses this issue over on the Mormons for Marriage website.  I encourage everyone to read this article.  It explains and answers many questions that I asked about this.  Here is the link to the site:

I also came across a great post over at thoughts on lds about the consequences of Proposition 8 in California.  Glenn Beck interviews Dr James Dobson from focus on the family as well as a link to David Bednar, a Mormon apostle, addressing the issue.  Here’s the link:

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