I was very excited overall for the elections this year.  It was a breath of fresh air to see people get elected who have a passion for freedom and less government intrusion in our lives.  It was great to see the electorate as a whole speak up with their votes.

I felt the same way as many others throughout the country this year.  Since Obama has stepped in, it has been appauling to see how much intrusion the government has in our lives.  As such, I spent a lot of time volunteering time and money into our state senator’s race (Dino Rossi, WA) and a couple of the representatives in our state as well.  I was very frustrated to see Rossi lose by just a couple points.  I found it ironic that our state voted the incumbent Democrat back into office, yet we voted by an overwhelming majority to not impose an income tax on us, which the Democrats support.

I was also very dissapointed to see that Harry Reid was re-elected.  His re-election got me thinking about some things.  As Mormons, we believe in free agency.  In fact, free agency was the key debate in the pre-existance between Satan and Jesus.  How can a Mormon vote Democrat (such as Harry Reid) who supports programs that limit our freedoms such as the healthcare reform?  I thought further about our nation, which has about 85% of the population that claims to be Christian.  I know that the abortion issue is a huge one for Christians and Democrats are pretty liberal on that issue.  With the nation claiming to be Christian, and with Mormons big on free-agency how could someone who claims to be Christian or Mormon vote Democrat?

I realize there are many other issues on a platform than just the two that I mentioned above.  However, these two issues hit the heart of most Christians.  This Christian author writes a good argument about how he is Christian and Democrat in the article entitled Could a Christian vote Democrat?

After reading his article, I can see how someone could be a Christian and vote Democrat.  However, I personally have fundamental issues with the Democrat (and most recent Bush-era Republican) tendencies to have the government control so much.  This violates individual freedoms that the LDS believe in.

If you are a Democrat and Christian, I would like to hear why?  If not, feel free to share your views as well.

Author’s note: for a follow-up on this post please view the post entitled Democrat and Chrisitan: I”m ok and you’re ok.