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While traveling down to Portland for a business trip yesterday, I came across a good Christian radio station called Casting Crowns Radio.  The topic of discussion was ways to bring Christ back into Christmas and the traditions people and churches have in making sure Christ is the center of Christmas.

Last night was our churches Christmas party and the words of the pastor and the people who called in were fresh on my mind.  Therefore, I was particurlarly wary of if the party would center around Jesus or not.  I’m sorry to say that while the party was fun and a good social event and Santa Claus came and the food was good, etc., Jesus was an afterthought.  The only reference to Christ was one verse of Silent Night at the end of the party.

I thought about my own life and asked myself in all the hustle and bustle around Christmas time, what am I doing to ensure it is centered around Jesus and the purpose of Christmas? 

I like the idea of having a set tradition.  As the oldest of 8 children, while growing up we would usually re-enact the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth on Christmas eve.  One of the younger kids would be the baby and others would be shepherds and we would re-enact the story of Christmas to a recorded version of my dear Grandma Anderson’s reading from the Bible.  It brought the focus of Christmas on Jesus and as we did this it also strengthened our family.

My wife’s family has a fun tradition of getting together Christmas eve and having a talent show.  People will play Christmas songs on the guitar, piano, or share a little treat or do a Christmas reading.

I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions of what you do to bring Jesus into the Christmas season.  Feel free to share what you do or what you’ve seen others do.

Merry Christmas!

Author’s note on January 1, 2011:

I just came across a great article on the LDS church website that shares Christtmas traditions of the LDS leaders.  View it on this link:


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