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As I pondered about the recent death of Michael Jackson I thought most of us have some type of connection with him in some form or fashion. Therefore, here’s a post for all of us to consider.

The first album (record) I bought was “Bad” by Michael Jackson when I was 10 years old. I loved his music in the ’80s and songs like “Man in the Mirror” truly inspired me to look deeper inside and “make that change” within myself before putting blame on others.

Later on, his song “Black or White” reminded me of Nephi in the Book of Mormon and how he says God invites “all men to partake of his goodnes whether black, white, bond or free” (2 Nephi 26:33).

As time went on and as I grew up and we all watched Michael Jackson suffer my heart went out to him as he wrote songs like “Have you Seen my Childhood” and the media had a feeding frenzy on him due to his antics and erratic behavior.

Today when my mother (a born again Christian) told me about his death and how she thought he had converted to Islam she told me she wasn’t sure if he was “saved”. Although our concept of Heaven and Hell is slightly different, we both agreed that God would give each person a fair chance of salvation.

When looking at Michael Jackson’s life one of the greatest lessons I personally have learned is the truth of Jesus’ words of how blessed the person is who puts the kingdom of God first and trusts in Him rather than the arm of flesh.

Michael Jackson at one point had it all: fortune, fame, basically everything the world can offer. Yet he still was searching and suffering his whole life and died with millions of dollars of debt.

I am once again reminded on how human we all are and that all we have is a gift from God. We need to rely on the Lord through our good and bad times and remain grateful for every blessing he gives us. For as King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon says we rely on God for even our breath we breathe. One day we’ll breathe our last breath and stand accountable to God for who we are and what we’ve done.

My heart not only goes out to Michael Jackson and his family, but to all people who suffer their whole lives without having felt of the love and freedom of being born a new creature in Christ.


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