I believe that everyone has seeds of divinity deep within.  Each human on earth has divine potential and spiritual gifts given to them from our Heavenly Father.  I believe that mine in part, are shown through my desire to always improve and progress in life spiritually, professionally, emotionally, physically, and relationally.

From a very young age, my parents taught me about prayer and of reading from the word of God.  From an early age I remember praying to God for answers and receiving them in faith and gratitude.  Since a young age, I have felt of the love of the Lord in my life and feel that He has carried me and sustained me through all the ups and downs that life brings.  In order to help others learn of these truths, I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for two years.  I truly feel that we all have been given a gift through the atonement of the Savior, Jesus Christ, and all we have and will ever have are given to us as a gift through His mercy.  I am grateful to know that I can pray to Him and recieve answers to my prayers.

My professional history starts at the age of 7, where I started my career by chopping ice in the horses watering trough during the winter months in southern Idaho.  I was taught the purpose and benefit of working hard and owe my father the credit for that trait.  My father has a degree and my mother does not.  After my parents’ divorce, I personally witnessed and felt the effects of not having a degree as my mother struggled to support us with low-income jobs.  I knew at a young age I needed an education and have gone on to earn an MBA, which has significantly helped me economically.  I am passionate about helping others earn an education as well, and this is my profession.

Since an early age I have been very physically active.  When I was very young, I wanted to become a Wide Receiver for the Seattle Seahawks and tried to emulate Steve Largent.  In junior high and part of high school, I did play football and even wore the jersey number 80 (Largent’s number).  However, it became apparent that I wouldn’t be a professional athlete, so I started ballroom dancing instead.  I danced through college and even made it onto a touring dance team that toured through Europe in 1999 with Ricks College.  After my dancing days were over, I ran triathlons for a couple years and now my wife and I work out daily and enjoy hiking, skiing, and traveling.

Finally, I feel that the most important things we can do in this life have to do with our relationships with others.  Jesus discusses in the Bible about not being able to take material possessions with us to Heaven and I believe Him.  Other than the Lord, my favorite and most prized relationship is with my wife.  She inspires and motivates me to new heights.  She supports me and loves me and I do the same for her.  We are able to accomplish and feel great love for each other only by involving the Lord in our relationship as well.  My relationship with the Lord also affects all other areas of my life including my relationship with my two children, Dad, Mom, Step-mom, grand-parents, 7 siblings, numerous cousins, grandparents, and essentially all of God’s children.  I strive to love a little more and serve a little more each day.