I came across some interesting Book of Mormon geography theories.  Some of which I was familiar with and a few that were new to me.  I found them interesting to read through.  I’m sure there are more theories out there, but here are a few for you to read through.  I’ve included links for more information on each theory on the titles of the theory. 

Mesoamerica Theory 1: Isthmus of Tehuantepec

As you can see in this map, this theory is the one in which people believe the main location for the Book of Mormon is in Central America and Mexico.  The theory is that the land and continent formation is the same as today for the most part and that the archeological findings in that area could be related to Book of Mormon people.  It is also a limited geography model in that the geography covers just parts of the Americas rather than all of North and South America.

Mesoamerica Theory 2: Part of the Caribean that sunk into the ocean

This theory is similar to the first theory, except the geography covers most of North and Central America and it also includes areas of the Carribean that have sunk into the ocean that appear to be cities and/or civilizations.

Baja Penninsula Theory 

This theory is a relatively new one that I found the other day which claims that Lehi and company landed on the Baja Penninsula in Mexico.  The theory is that this is one of the only locations in the world that supports a Meditteranean climate similar to the one Lehi and his family departed from.

Great Lakes Theory

This theory is that the whole Book of Mormon took place around the Great Lakes region. 

Malay Penninsula Theory

This one is another relatively new theory.  The theory is that the archeological findings in Mesoamerica do not support Book of Mormon civilizations and also that Lehi and company couldn’t feasibly make the journey 16,000 miles to the Americas.  Therefore, they landed on the Malay Penninsula , which is in the area of Singapore and Thailand.

So now it’s your turn to share your thoughts.  Which theory do you believe in or do you not believe in any of them?  Take time to vote on which theory you believe in and feel free to leave a comment as well.