I’ve shared for nearly 3 years now, the purpose of this blog is to share my experiences in life as I grow “grace for grace” in the Lord.  This past year, I have felt moved to become politically active.  As I feel that my political views are a part of my development, I shared my views.  However, after reading some of my readers’ comments and also an article in BYU magazine, I thought I would apologize not for my views, but for the attitude in which I wrote my article on being a Christian and Democrat.

Ross Spencer, Physics Chair at BYU, wrote an article included in last summer’s BYU magazine entitled “Learning in the Light of Faith.”  Last night, after I had written a pretty controvosial post on being a Christian and Democrat, I was led to this article after saying my prayers.  After reading the article, I was humbled by what the author said and thought I would share this with readers of this blog.

Spencer writes:

Part of balancing scholarship and faith is learning when to use critical thinking and when to be still and listen.  I’ve been involved in logic and criticism for a long time now, and it is often an ugly and unfriendly business.  Unlike the title of the popular book “I’m OK- You’re OK”, critical analysis often feels more like “I’m OK-you’re an idiot!”

He then goes on to quote Jesus in the Bible (Matt 7:3-5) where Jesus asks “why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

Finally, he quotes the beautiful LDS hymn “In Humility our Savior” and highlights the words “teach us tolerance and love”. 

Combining religion and politics is a risky thing and I chose to do that last night along with my political views.  I think it is fine that I shared the views and I do not regret how I feel or sharing them, but I do regret if it came off as me saying “I’m OK-you’re an Idiot”, or being intolerant and unloving.  I was pretty fired up after my candidate lost, so it probably came out in an arrogant way, for which I apologize.

Some readers who commented reacted similarly to the way I felt, but on the other end of the spectrum by calling me names and cursing us “ignorant” conservatives.  Those of you who reacted like that, I encourage you to read this article and see if it helps in future dialogues with people that disagree with your views.  I fall in the same category with you, and after reading this article will try my best from here on out to be more objective and try to see others’ perspective.

Other readers, who clearly did not agree with my views chose to react in a more humble manor by being objective and sharing their views in a respectful way.  For that I thank you for your good example.

This experience has been a good learning experience for me and I thank those of you who stopped by and shared your views with me after writing the post.  I thank those of you who stood up for me and “had my back” so to speak.  I thank those of you who opposed me and responded in a curtious, objective way.  I also thank those of you who opposed me and called me names and responded rudely.  I ask for forgiveness if you felt I was calling you an idiot.  I hope this article can help us all grow a little in the way we respond to others in person, or online.