I recently read a great post over on the Mormanity website on a guy named “Bookslinger” who has been flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible.

After reading this post and the comments people mentioned how the Bookslinger isn’t currently a member of the LDS church, but after reading Bookslinger’s website I can see he’s a dedicated disciple of Jesus.  On this site, he shares amazing stories of meeting people from all walks of life and languages and sharing both the Bible and Book of Mormon with them.

After learning that he isn’t currently a member of the LDS church it reminded me of the Baptist Preacher who believes in the Book of Mormon and preaches it to his congregation.

Personally, I have seen the power of Jesus that comes from reading the words of the Book of Mormon.  After I read the Book of Mormon when I was 13 I had an intense desire to share it with the world.  I have personally experienced what Joseph Smith stated when he said the Book of Mormon will bring you closer to God than any other book.

People may wonder how one can be a firm believer in the Book of Mormon but be a member of the LDS church. 

Personally I think it is awesome that these people are true to their testimonies of the Book of Mormon even though for whatever reason they are not currently members of the LDS church.  I hope we can all learn from their examples in sharing the scriptures with others.

Due to various circumstances there are people like those mentioned who are not members of the LDS church.  Why do you think some people aren’t members yet still believe?


I can tell from some of the comments below that my intention for this post didn’t come across like I’d like it to have.

As LDS I feel we too often focus on one’s “membership” status in the church.  We are all sinners and beggars and are all in need.  I wanted to highlight the good that many “non-members” of the LDS church do and how God works through them.  I apologize if the post came across as being offensive to Bookslinger, the Baptist Preacher, or anyone else.