Today in church an older father, who happens to be a grandfather got up and shared a great experience that helped me as a young father.  Since this month we celebrate our fathers, I thought it was appropriate to share this.

The grandfather explained that he was working on building a deck out by his shed in his backyard when his 3 young grand daughters came over.  They are all grade school age and full of energy.  He said he completely enjoyed his experience with them as they wanted to “help” him build.  He didn’t get 1/3 of the project done because the kids were playing in the dirt, save the worms from getting chopped by the shovel, nails were scattered on many occasions.  In spite of all this, he didn’t get angry or annoyed.  Rather, he enjoyed the fact that his grandkids were with him.

I thought of myself as a young father.  It is easy for me to get so focused on a project that sometimes when my kids interrupt me, I am easily annoyed.  I know I can personally learn from this experienced father to focus on what is important.  What is important are the relationships we have with others, not the relationships we have with our things.

Jesus taught that if we are His disciples, we’ll have love for others.  Surely this example is one of how we can love others as a father.