This Father’s Day I thought I would share my feelings of being a father with young children.  We have a little girl, 3 1/2 years old, who is beautiful, smart, funny, and can have an attitude when she’s tired or hungry (takes after her dad!).  We also have a little 9 month old boy.  He has such a great personality that lights up the room and is full of energy.  He also can get a bit feisty when not well fed (again, like his Dad).

Some highlights this year were obviously my son being born.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I could love another child like I loved my daughter.  In fact, I felt guilty after he was born because I didn’t cry and wasn’t as emotional as I was when she was born.  However, as the year has gone on, I love “Buddy” just as much as I love “Babes”.  He is now crawling all over the place and he loves to have me get a little rough with him by wrestling and throwing him around.  His eyes light up and he giggles a cute little baby giggle.  He also has learned how to wave.  It’s cute watching him wave and smile and crawl over to me when I see him.

Dad and “Buddy”

“Babes” and I did a lot of fun things throughout the year.  Being 3 years old, she is full of energy and it is sometimes hard for me to keep up with her.

One of the major highlights for both of us was the Daddy/Daughter date we went on earlier this year.  She and I had tons of fun dressing up like it was prom and going to the dance.  We were having so much fun, we even got our pictures in the paper!

Babes and Dad at Daddy/Daughter dance

Needless to say, I am a very blessed person to have two healthy and beautiful children who call me Dad.  I hope I live up to that title throughout my life because I personally feel it is one of the most sacred callings a man can have.

That being said, I thought it would be fun to share my top 20 list of things I like to do with my kids….so (drum roll please) here it is:

20 Things I love to do as a Father with my Young Children

  1. Carry kids on my shoulders
  2. Wrestle with them
  3. Put them in a blanket and throw them around onto the bed
  4. Color pictures and receive pictures from them they’ve drawn or colored
  5. Tell them stories from the farm when I was growing up
  6. Watch them play and get along with each other
  7. See their smiles when I enter the room
  8. Watch them learn and grow
  9. Witness their innocence
  10. Do “tricks” with them by flipping them around
  11. Read books before bedtime
  12. Watch them splash and play in the bathtub
  13. Dance with them
  14. Brush my daughter’s hair and give her manicures
  15. Tickle them
  16. Play my guitar and watch them sing and dance (my 9 month old son has a killer voice!)
  17. Sing with them
  18. Cuddle with them until they fall asleep
  19. Watch them sleep
  20. Pray for them while they are sleeping