There are quite a few Republicans running in the 2012 race now, and I’ve heard rumors of Sarah Palin throwing her hat in as well.  However, as of this week (8-25) I think the major three candidates are: Romney, Perry, and Bachman.  Therefore, I’ll include the charitable donations of each of these candidates, all of whom claim to be Christians.

Rick Perry

This article describes Rick Perry as being big on talking about Christian principles, including giving, but not putting his money where his mouth is.  According to the article, he only gives 3-4% to Charity.  Also, mentioned in this article is Newt Gingrich, whose only donations are to a Christian organization that funds his campaign.

Michelle Bachman

Bachman’s an interesting candidate because she doesn’t share what she has given publicly and refuses to comment on interviews.  Her net worth is up to around $2 million, and there is only one documented instance of her giving to charity.  Although she does’t give much to charity in dollars, she does give time to certain causes of her Christian faith.  The article criticizes her for this, but I feel that as long as the cause is a good one that is helping society and people come closer to God then it’s all good.

Mitt Romney

After reading the article on Mitt Romney, I was very impressed.  Not only does he give time to charitable causes, but he donates around 14% to charity including: the LDS church, health causes such as cancer research, etc., and numerous other charities for humanitarian efforts.  Additionally, when he was elected to office, he didn’t take pay so the funds could be used elsewhere to help the state out.  He has also said he wouldn’t take the $400,000 annual salary if he was elected president.

Although there are other candidates such as Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, and others, I couldn’t find any information on them probably because they lag nationally in the polls.  If anyone has some information on other candidates, feel free to share.

Update February, 2012

Rick Santorum

Last week, Santorum released his taxes.  He pulls a lot of the Christian voters, however, has been recently criticized by other Evangelical leaders because of his significant income (over $1 million annually), yet his minimal charitable contribution (under 2%).