I recently was on a business trip where all of the reps from around the country came together and had a sales training for a few days.  As usual, there was alcohol and going out after dinner each night.

Everyone knows I don’t drink and they don’t expect me to go hitting the clubs, which is great!  I do spend time with them sometimes in the restaurants/bars with them as they drink.  However, when it starts getting a little later,  I usually decide to leave the restaurant.  What I do instead is head back to the hotel and call my little daughter and tell her stories over the phone and chat with my wife for a few minutes before heading to bed.

I was surprised though with some married people who went out to the bar/dance club scantily clad and then came back the next day bragging on the people who were hitting on them.  The crazy thing was that most of them have spouses and children at home.

I have absolutely no desire to do those types of things and most of the people I hang out with in the Mormon church wouldn’t do stuff like that (I hope).  It got me wondering though if this is something that is normally done for people  outside of the Mormon church, or even within the Church.

What are your views?  Is it o.k. to hit the clubs if you’re married (without your spouse)?  Feel free to vote and/or leave a comment.