A recent article entitled “GOP Rivals have Different take on Mormonism”  highlights Romney and Huntsman as being polar opposites in how they practice their Mormon faith.  They share how Romney was a local LDS leader and all his sons served missions while Huntsman has shown support of other religions by attending their meetings and encouraging their kids to learn about other faiths as well.  The article goes on to state that Huntsman could be doing damage politically by not fully embracing Mormonism.

One of the main attractions for me to Mormonism is the fact that God loves and supports all people of all faiths.  In the Bible as well as Book of Mormon, it is quoted that God is not a respector of persons, meaning he reaches out to all people.  In the Doctrine and Covenants (another LDS scripture), it goes on further to state there are degrees of glory in Heaven for people of all beliefs (albeit the ones who profess faith in Jesus get a “better” glory).  I can’t imagine a God who would thrust someone to Hell who never did have a chance to hear about Jesus.

If Mormons truly believe that there are many variations of belief that one can have, yet still receive a “glory” or place in Heaven, then they shouldn’t condemn Huntsman.  It appears to me that people within the Mormon community who judge Huntsman for not being “Mormon” enough are judging on the same criteria those outside the Mormon faith are:  they have to have served an LDS mission, pay full tithing, go to church every Sunday, hold a church calling, believe everything in the same way that everyone else in the Mormon faith does and declare “the church is true” with every breath.

Personally, I think it is refreshing that Huntsman is being who he is and being open about his religious beliefs, even if they’re not a cookie-cutter Mormon approach.  It shows that someone can be a Mormon and not have to believe everything the same way as other Mormons.   People both within the Mormon church and without seem to have the same stereotypes of what being a Mormon means and maybe Huntsman will at least show people that not all Mormons are the same and help remove the black and white mentality that many people have.