The guys over at the Beating Debt Blog had an interesting post today with a clip from Reverend Billy from the “Church of Stop Shopping.”  The goal of this church is to spread the good word of avoiding consumerism and spending less and giving more.  They are coming out with a documentary called “What Would Jesus Buy?” I like the message.  The delivery is something I don’t agree with, but find amusing nonetheless.  Below is an interview that Reverend Billy had with Glenn Beck.


Although Reverend Billy has a great message in many ways, I think his approach appears to be more comical and all “for show.”  Glenn Beck even asks him if he’s serious.

I browsed around on YouTube after I watched this, and found that Reverend Billy has been banned from Starbucks and arrested for barging into stores and protesting shopping.  Personally, I feel that if one wants to “spread the word”,  barging into stores and casting out demons from a cash register isn’t going to be effective. 

That being said, this has an overall good message and it is worth watching.  However, I get the feeling that it will be watched mainly for entertainment purposes and that this guy won’t be taken seriously.  After all, when you visit his website he has links to buy his movie, donate to his church and also links to stores that carry his movie.  I find it interesting that this guy has created a business around the idea of less spending but then asks you to spend money for him.

What are your thoughts?