1 Peter 3:15 discusses the importance of always being ready to share our testimonies of the gospel of Christ.

That time came for me unexpectedly (which it usually does).

We are getting ready to paint our house and I have had painters over the past few days coming over to give us quotes on pricing.

The other day, the doorbell rang and there was a clean-cut young man standing there.  His image was much different than the last painter who came 1/2 hour late and who clearly was suffering from a hangover.  This young man was punctual and actually dressed nicely.  More importantly, he was friendly and very professional as he assessed the property, making small conversation and asking the right questions.  He was also very thorough in his process of putting a proposal together.

While he was putting together a few scenarios for me, we discussed his goals in life.  I learned that he was preparing to go to college.  We discussed this for awhile and it came up that I had gone to BYU.  At this point he seemed a little interested and asked me about my experience there.  I told him about what I had majored in and what I had learned.

He went on to tell me that he used to attend the Mormon church until he was 15 when his parents were divorced.  He decided to move up from Nevada to the Seattle area with his mom, where he didn’t feel he had the support he needed or friends at church, so he fell away.

Immediately I had a lot of questions in my mind such as: by falling away does he mean falling away from God or the Mormon Church?  How has his life been since falling away?  Is he considering coming back?

However, since we were in a business situation and I also had a meeting I needed to get to, I didn’t delve deeper into the conversation.

When he left, I felt the need to help him and wondered if I made the right decision in that moment, or if I should have dug a bit deeper.

What would you have done?