Those of you who have read this blog over the years know of my past struggles with Anxiety and Depression.  Many of you know my story and how I was able to overcome anxiety and depression.

Since writing the book, Discovering Light, I have been contacted by other bloggers, medical practitioners, and non-profit companies to share my story.  I feel that anxiety and depression is something that is only recently being acknowledged and accepted in society and in order to help inform people, I welcome all opportunities to share my story.

One thing I’ve learned is that each person struggles with anxiety and depression in a unique way and there isn’t a cure-all for everyone.  Many people struggle for years and feel terribly alone and isolated.

When one of the administrators of the website: With Real Intent reached out to me about a series they are doing on anxiety and depression and asked me to write an article, I gladly accepted.

The series is called Peculiar Minds and has articles from many different people who are or have suffered from anxiety and/or depression in various forms.  It is very interesting to see what works for some people and how each person deals with anxiety and depression.  I wish that there had been this type of site when I was struggling.

I encourage you to visit their site and forward this on to anyone who may be struggling at this time.