Congratulations for completing Mormon Lingo 101!  You are now ready for Mormon Lingo 201!  This will include words and phrases that unless you attend a Mormon church for awhile, you probably won’t hear all on the first Sunday you visit.  Please review the list and if you add any additional indermediate Mormon phrases in the commentary, you will recieve bonus points on the final exam!

Mormon Lingo 201

The “Bish”:  I usually heard this phrase when I was attending BYU, but it is a shortened term for “bishop”.

RM:  Returned Missionary…someone who has been on a mission and has come home

EQP:  I usually heard this term referring to the Elders Quorum President (men’s leader) when I was in college as well. 

G’s or Holy G’s:  Mormon are known for wearing “holy underwear” or “magic underwear” as many in the outside world call it.  Inside the Mormon church, I’ve heard people refer to the garment as “G’s” or “Holy G’s”.  This isn’t a common term and many Mormons would probably be offended by it.  This is almost worthy of Mormon Lingo 301, which will be coming next week.

Peter Priesthood:  A “goodie-goodie” Mormon boy that never does anything wrong and plays by the rules.

Molly Mormon: Same as “Peter Priesthood” except the girl.

Jack Mormon:  A Mormon guy in name only.  A Jack Mormon probably hits the bars, drinks, parties it up hard and may or may not go to church.

Motab:  Abbreviation for “The Mormon Tabernacle Choir”

Sweet Spirit:  Someone (unfortunately usually a girl) who is very nice, but unattractive

DTR:  At BYU people who were dating, but it appeared not to be going anywhere (i.e. marriage) would sit down and have a heart to heart discussion on “defining the relationship”.  Are we just friends, make-out partners, or is this for real?  DTR is the acronymn for ‘defining the relationship’.

NCMO:  Stands for Non-commital make-out.  Happens all to often at LDS colleges.

BMW:  I’ve heard Mormons jokingly call their station wagons back in the day “BMW’s”…or Big Mormon Wagons to hold all their kids.

CTR:  This officially stands for ‘Choos the Right’ and there are cool rings that many Mormons wear to remind them to always choose to do the right thing in every situation (click here to learn about the history and see an image).  I’ve also heard Mormons jokingly refer to CTR as meaning “Chase the Rich” “Corrupt the Righteous” and “Close the Refrigerator”.

PPI: Personal priesthood interview.  Usually a leader in the Mormon church such as an Elder’s President will have an interview with members of his quorum to see if they are on track spiritually and this is abbreviated as having a “PPI”.

Mormon Standard Time:  Mormons are usually just slightly late to their meetings and this is referred to as “Mormon Standard Time”.