Over the past year or so that I’ve been following Romney, I’ve been waiting for a moment where the real Romney stands up.  I’ve heard his experience leading businesses and of his successes.  I’ve been impressed by the amount he gives to charity.  But when watching him, I get the sense that he’s too scripted and is holding something back.  He hasn’t openly spoken of his faith and he hasn’t openly countered attacks that have come his way.  This gives me (and I’m sure others) a sense that perhaps he’s hiding something.

I feel the same as many Americans do.  I believe in God and family and hope for a better future and I feel that we’re really not better off now than when Obama took office.  However, I feel that we crave leadership and someone who can inspire confidence.

Up until now, I feel that Romney hasn’t done a good job at all of letting people know who he really is and inspiring leadership based on core beliefs he has.  I feel he has played things too safe and has talked in cliche’s.  I feel, like many, that the real Romney hasn’t stood up.  That is, until last week at the Republican convention.

While I watched his speech, I sensed that he was speaking from his heart.  He spoke passionately of his faith and family and the future of America.  He referenced God a number of times.  He praised his wife and those who went before us.  Some of his words were so inspiring that I wrote them down, which I will share below.

Top Phrases from Romney’s Speech

  • All the laws and legislation in the world will not take place of the love a parents give children.
  • If every child could fall asleep wrapped in the love of a family and God’s love, this world would be a better place.
  • When quoting his mother: “Why should women have any less decision than men when making decisions about our great nation?!”
  • Ann’s job as a mom was a lot harder than mine.  Her job was also much more important than mine.
  • The strength and goodness of America is based on the goodness of the families of America and their faith.
  • If you felt excitement of hope and change when you voted for Obama 4 years ago, shouldn’t you feel that way now that he’s President Obama?
  • You know there’s something wrong with your president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.
  • Is it any wonder why someone who attacks success has led the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression?
  • In America we celebrate success…we don’t apologize for success!
  • This president can tell us to be patient, he can tell us to give him another 4 years to get it right…but he cannot tell us you are better off now than you were 4 years ago.
  • President Obama pledged to slow the rise of the Oceans and to heal the planet.  My promise is to help you and your family.

Finally, I feel that the real Romney stood up last week.

If you didn’t watch the speech, I’ve included a link for it below:

Mitt Romney full convention speech