Recently I attended another Mormon temple wedding.  This one was my other brother’s wedding.

I wrote a more detailed account of what happens inside a Mormon temple during the wedding ceremony last month, so I won’t get into specific details in this article.

For now, I will highlight the advice the temple sealer said to the young couple.

Four Cornerstones for a Successful Marriage

1. Family Prayer

2. Scripture Study

3. Having a weekly Family Night

4. Regular Temple Attendance


We’ve all heard the catchy phrase, the “family that prays together stays together“.  According to some research, prayer coupled with church attendance helped reduce divorce rates for couples.

The other similar phrase I’ve heard over the years is that the “family that plays together stays together“.  There is also research that substantiates this comment.  Holding a weekly family night is an excellent way to have an organized and set time to play with the family.  I know that it is hard sometimes to find time to play with my kids, but family night is a great time to play with the kids.  I’ve had some very memorable moments and am grateful for the family nights we’ve had doing projects, singing songs, playing games, and making treats.

Although this research supports families specifically, I would say that couples who hold regular date nights and take time to pray together experience greater satisfaction as well.

I’d be interested in hearing your experience and ideas to make a successful marriage work.  Feel free to leave comments.