If you’re an NFL fan, like I am, you’ve probably been amazed by the turnaround of the Denver Broncos season since their evangelical Quarterback, Tim Tebow began starting for them.  Watching him for most of a football game is painful.  He misses passes constantly, hardly converts on 3rd downs, and overthrows his wide-receivers.  On paper his statistics from a passing perspective look awful.

Yet, somehow he keeps pulling wins out by some miracle in every game.

When he scores a touchdown, he drops to a knee and starts praying.  This is his signature thing to do and it actually has a nickname now.  People call it “Tebowing“.  Here’s an example:

Some people like it, and some people are highly annoyed by it. 

When we look in the scriptures, we see some examples of people being condemned for praying in public such as when Jesus tells us to pray in our closets rather than making it a big scene in public, but also many instances where people prayed in public such as Daniel in the Bible and Nephi in the Book of Mormon.

So where do you stand on the issue?  Do you feel it’s over the top to pray in public (i.e. “Tebowing“) or do you feel it’s o.k.? 

Cast your vote below: