In sales a bait and switch is when the salesman promises a potential customer one thing and then after the sale is made the customer finds out it is different than the expectations and promises given by the salesman.  This is something Mormons have also been accused of.

The “basic” doctrines of faith, repentance, baptism, prayer, salvation through Christ, etc.  are found in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  From my experience, people who are searching for true doctrine are very attracted to these concepts.  They are found throughout the Bible, but in the Book of Mormon these doctrines are more clearly defined. 

In addition to these doctrines, I think investigators are also attracted to the family values, moral living standards, and the structure and organization of the LDS Church.

Mormon missionaries are taught to teach these doctrines and concepts and then invite the people to pray to God about being baptized as soon as possible.  The theory behind that is that the Spirit will give them a witness of the truth and then all other things taught after that witness will then be considered true.  Many people then join the church based on this.

After people join the church though, I think on some occasions people feel that things aren’t the way they were described and/or portrayed while they were investigators.  I have heard quite a few people say that they thought they were getting one thing with joining the Mormon Church, but then after joining the church felt that things were very different.

Since I have always been familiar with the Mormon church, I’m not the best person to bring up what people think are different than what they were told while investigating.  I would be interested though in hearing from other people who are either former LDS people or Mormon converts and if they thought there was a “bait and switch” after they joined.  Also, what can LDS members and missionaries do to avoid “bait and switch” tactics?