As I was watching the recent devestation in Japan from the earthquake and Tsunami, I heard the reporters say this 8.9 earthquake was the 7th largest in history.  I was curious to see when and how large the other one’s were.  I did a bit of research and found the following chart:

The Ten Largest Earthquakes Since 1900

Below is a list of the largest earthquakes on record in the world. Magnitude, date, and location are also given.

Location Date Magnitude2
1. Chile May 22, 1960 9.5
2. Prince William Sound, Alaska March 28, 19643 9.2
3. Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands March 9, 1957 9.1
4. Kamchatka Nov. 4, 1952 9.0
5. Off western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia Dec. 26, 2004 9.0
6. Off the coast of Ecuador Jan. 31, 1906 8.8
7. Offshore Maule, Chile Feb. 27, 2010 8.8
8. Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands Feb. 4, 1965 8.7
9. Northern Sumatra, Indonesia March 28, 2005 8.7
10. India-China border Aug. 15, 1950 8.6

As you can see, Japan’s recent earthquake is in a highly populated area, where in one town 1/2 of the population is now missing.   Please join me in praying for these people as well as finding a way to donate to help them.  I will most likely be donating money to help through the LDS Philanthropies website.

Author’s note: I decided to donate through the Red Cross rather than the LDS Philanthropies.  I did this mainly so I could focus my funds towards the earthquake in Japan, rather than other areas of the world.  You can donate online at the American Red Cross website.