This is somewhat older news that came out a month ago and somehow I missed it.  This is a video of school children chanting a “praise Obama” song mentioning that “black or white we’re all the same in his sight.”  Also there is a clip of the kids singing a “praise Obama” song with the Battle Hymn of the Republic music.  Here’s the clip:

If you would like to see the reaction of the parents of these children, view this clip:

As I listened to this, I couldn’t believe it.  Our country was founded on a belief in God and trusting in God.  Now we can’t pray in schools to the God who watches over all of us, yet we can change the lyrics to a song about God watching over us and replace them with a mere man who happens to hold the office of president. 

I hope this is just one isolated incident and that the national attention it received help keep something like this from continuing.

What are your thoughts?