While I was talking with one of my family members, they mentioned that some Mormons were baffled with the fact that Romney had lost.  Especially since signs had been pointing towards the fulfillment of some parts of the “White Horse Prophecy”.  (For those of you not familiar with this prophecy, it is described in detail here).  They felt our constitution is “hanging by a thread” (as do I in many respects) and all signs were leading towards Romney winning.

Since the “White Horse Prophecy” is so en grained into Mormon culture, it seems that any time a Mormon does anything significant in politics, many Mormons jump on the bandwagon of wondering if the prophecy is about to be fulfilled.

I feel that there are flaws with this way of thinking.  First, the prophecy has not been cited as something definitely prophesied by Joseph Smith.  Secondly, there is not a clear definition of what is meant by the “constitution hanging by a thread” and how the elders will participate in saving the constitution.  I get a feeling that Mormons assume it means a Mormon in the White House, but the prophecy does not state this and is rather vague in defining exactly what role the elder will play.

Even though there are flaws in the prophecy, and LDS public affairs has even publicly denounced the prophecy, I’m sure that many Mormons will still hold this “prophecy” to be true merely based on the fact it has been told so many times and become a part of Mormon culture.

That being said, let’s have a little fun.  Now that Mitt Romney is out, who do you think will be the next Mormon politician to be dubbed as the Elder who will fulfill the White Horse Prophecy?

I’m having a hard time coming up with anyone.  Jon Huntsman is probably out of the picture.  Marco Rubio was a Mormon in his youth, but is now a Catholic….is there anyone in the foreseeable future that you can think of?

Please share.