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This short video was forwarded to me by a friend this morning.  I think it is an extreme example, but one that could definitely take place should the law pass to legalize same-sex marriages.  Here is the link to view the video:

For me the video raises a few questions.  First, this is terrible that the schools deem it necessary to “legally” over-step the parents’ role as husband and wife to raise their children.  It appears to be a serious step towards a socialist society.  Freedom seems to be wiped away from the equation in this situation.

Next, most of us have been accustomed to being tolerant for others’ beliefs.  It appears that because in Massachusetts it is legal to have same-sex marriages, there should be no tolerance for beliefs otherwise.  I find it rather ironic that those who scream for tolerance choose not to practice it themselves.  Will this be the case nationwide should the proposition not pass this November?

Third, I wonder what this father did while he was meeting with the school board about his beliefs.  I wonder if he was calm and collected, or if he became angry or lost his temper and that is why he was put in jail.  This could just be an extreme case.

If you support traditional marriage you can do so and still be respectful towards your family and friends who are gay.  View this website to learn more about protecting traditional marriage:

I want to thank Steve who commented on this post and gave me a great article that addresses this issue over on the Mormons for Marriage website.  I encourage everyone to read this article.  It explains and answers many questions that I asked about this.  Here is the link to the site:

I also came across a great post over at thoughts on lds about the consequences of Proposition 8 in California.  Glenn Beck interviews Dr James Dobson from focus on the family as well as a link to David Bednar, a Mormon apostle, addressing the issue.  Here’s the link:


I’m sure most people have heard the news by now about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints encouraging it’s nearly 1million members in California to do “all they can do” to support the initiative in November to over-turn the ruling supporting bay marriage. 

If you haven’t heard about this, you can read the following blogs:

California Saints To Get The Call

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Mormons in California Called to Defend Marriage by Top LDS Leaders

The letter from the LDS Prophet and his counselors encourages saints to do “all they can do” to support traditional marriages, especially in California during the upcoming vote in November. 

Someone told me of a friend of theirs who lives in California that contacted them and asked if they were supporting the Church’s call to “do all you can do” to support the ban on gay marriages.  When my friend told the person they were not supporting it, the individual got upset and self-righteously said “aren’t you going to support the Prophet?”  This in my mind is going too far and I feel that “doing all you can do” is objective and depends on the individual.  If certain circumstances cause someone to believe in gay marriage, yet they still are believing Latter-day Saints, maybe doing “all they can do” is different than someone on the opposite end of the spectrum. 

In addition, last December Elder Ballard said in an address to BYU students that the LDS Church takes a politically neutral stance.  Yet, of all the issues the LDS Church decided to go back on that statement and get politically involved with the ban on gay marriage.  Personally, I think it is fine if the Church encourages members to take a stand on what the Church feels is a moral issue, including gay marriage.  Whether or not I decided to vote for or against it is a personal choice and if it’s a moral issue I can take it to the Lord in prayer and see what I feel. 

Obviously, the two questions are:

1. What is your take on what it means to “do all you can do” to support the ban on gay marriage?

2. Should the church get politically involved?  If it gets involved with this, do you think the Church should get involved with other issues?  Why or why not?


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