This is the first Spiritual SOAP post in the series.

In our class, we started in 3 Nephi 11 of the Book of Mormon, mainly because this is where Jesus comes and teaches his most basic doctrines of salvation.

“Gather, don’t Scatter”

Scripture: A large group of people gathered around the temple astonished about the great changes that had taken place in their surroundings (earthquakes, fires, many people dying, etc.)


  1. They gathered and weren’t scattered when destruction came
  2. They didn’t just gather anywhere.  They gathered together at the temple
  3. As they gathered, they were open in their lack of knowledge but openly discussed their concerns as well.


  1. If we want to have strength, gather with fellow believers
  2. Gather at a place of worship.  Examples of places of worship include: churches, homes of the faithful, the temple, etc.
  3. When we are gathered it is good to be open with one another and openly discuss our lack of knowledge, issues, and concerns.  This is how we grow.


I pray that I will always remember to turn to God in times of need, but also that I will turn to God in the good times as well.  I pray that He will lift me up and I will be able to have great associations with believers.  I pray that my home will be a place where God’s Spirit can dwell and a refuge for my children and anyone else seeking the Lord.


What thoughts do you have when you apply Spiritual SOAP to this scripture?