As a follow up to the article I wrote on preparing for receiving revelation during General Conference, I thought it would be great to hear stories from peoples’ experience with the spiritual guidance they received during General Conference.  I understand that some promptings are too personal to share, but I”ll highlight some of the guidance and insights I received without getting too personal.  Feel free to share your experiences as well.

Uniting of our Family

Prior to General Conference, my wife and I had a special Family Home Evening (Family Night), teaching our young 3 year old daughter about General Conference, apostles, prophets, etc.  The Church has a great website with games and activities to teach kids to prepare for Conference.  We chose to make a set of paper rings that we made into a chain, which she tore off each day that had activities such as coloring a picture of Jesus, reading a story of Thomas S Monson, scripture activities, etc.  This helped her (and us) get our minds focused on Conference throughout the week.

Next, during General Conference, my wife found a great activity where she arranged 5-6 bowls with goodies in them such as pretzels, M&Ms, carrot sticks, etc.  On each bowl she taped a picture of something that would likely be discussed in Conference such as a picture of Jesus, scriptures, families, etc.  Our little girl then sat and listened for the speaker to say “Jesus” or “family”, etc. and when the speaker said that, she could take a treat and eat it.  The funny thing was that the carrot bowl was “Jesus” so at one point our girl had 7 half eaten carrot sticks and she said: “Mommy, my tummy hurts from eating so many carrots!”

Pretty soon, she decided to start sharing carrots with me.  The good thing for me was that she started sharing everything with me so I got quite a few M&Ms too. 

It was fun to be with our little family (our 1 year old boy was a bit young for the activities so he slept during conference) and see our daughter learning from the men and women who had prepared messages for us.  Although I didn’t have any bid spiritual manifestation, I did see how we came closer as a family and united in the gospel, which is awesome!

Excellent Quotes

Last April, I noticed that many speakers come up with awesome quotes.  This Conference was no exception.  I’ve written about all the quotes and also have a poll for people to vote on their favorite quote.  Feel free to stop by and vote.

So far, the one that is winning is by David Bednar during the last session of conference:

Knowing the gospel is true is a testimony.  Staying true to the gospel is conversion

Personal Peace

Going into conference, I was somewhat unsettled.  I had a lot of stress going on as far as business situations are concerned.  I was praying for guidance on certain issues.

As I watched conference and listened actively, I gradually started feeling less anxious and more peaceful.  I didn’t realize that I was calming down until after conference was finished.  I noticed I hadn’t thought about the issues all day and when they came to mind, I felt everything would be fine, as it usually is when we re-focus our vision on God rather than the things of the world. 

I’m sure you have some great stories to share as well.  If you are comfortable, feel free to share any guidance you received during last week’s General Conference.