I was emailing Mormon Heretic who also contributes over at the Wheat and Tares blog and he had a great idea about a Sunday Devotional.  So giving credit where credit is due, this devotional idea is actually inspired by his email.  I thought I would start sharing an evening thought each Sunday about an insight from the week or something I learned in Church.

Receiving Revelation from God

Each Sunday, the men’s group has a 1 hour meeting during the third hour of church right after Sunday School.  The group I am in is called Elder’s Quorum. 

Today the discussion was on how to recognize and receive revelation from God.

One comment that was made stood out to me.  The Elder in our group shared an experience where he felt that as long as we are doing “all the right things” we will be in the position to receive revelation from God.  According to him, the “right” things included going to church, reading scripture daily, praying, and trying to be perfect essentially in word and deed.

I argued that while doing those things is good, God can and will give revelation to anyone based on how He views them and feels that they will respond after the revelation is given and received.

We see in the scriptures (i.e. Paul in the Bible, Alma in the Book of Mormon) where people who were complete sinners who were in complete rebellion towards God.  Yet they received revelations in the form of visions from God.  These examples blow the theory out of the water that we need to be doing  all the “right” things to receive revelation.  Once they received the revelation, they opened their hearts completely to God and were humbled.

I shared a personal example of when I was off track and in rebellion towards God and received a dramatic revelation that changed my life.  This is the main reason why I attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church). 

To be fair to my friend in Elder’s Quorum, I have also received revelation when I was doing all the “right” things such as praying, scripture study, church attendance, etc. and I do think that when we are trying to tune our lives in with God, we will be doing those things.  However, some people who haven’t experienced communication from God are also entitled to revelation from God and God will choose who He wants to reveal truth to.  Just because we are doing all the “right” things doesn’t necessarily guarentee that we will receive revelation. 

What are your experiences with receiving and recognizing revelation?