A couple years ago, I wrote a post titled Does God Want Us to Be Rich?  In that article, I concluded that as long as our hearts are first, placed on building the kingdom, then strengthening our own faith, and then the lives of others, that God does indeed want us to be rich.  I also share an experience where God blessed me with a lot of money at that time as a result in putting Him first.

The other day, someone left a comment on that post that they, as a Chrisitan have faith in God and a desire to earn $180,000 to bless the lives of other people.  They then asked the following question:

…can we ask for something specific (say $180,000)? Will God honor that request, or will He wait until we’re ready to receive it because He doesn’t want us to squander it?

I’m not God, so that is a heavy question since God knows the intentions of their hearts.  However, from my experience, God can answer specific prayers and the more specific the better.  It depends on a few things such as 1. If it is His will 2. If their hearts are ready to receive it 3. If they are willing to put in the work and effort to raise it.

Those are my thoughts, but I’m confident that many of you who read this can further help with this question.  What experiences or advice do you have?