In a recent article highlighting Mitt Romney’s charitable giving, the New York Times shared a graph that outlines the amount of giving major religions in America contribute.  The LDS, or Mormon Church’s members give nearly twice as much as the denomonation in the number two spot.

Here’s the breakdown of the average percentage of giving per member of each denomonation:

  1. Mormon: 5.6%
  2. Assemblies of God: 2.9%
  3. Nondenominational Evangelical: 2.6%
  4. Baptist: 2%
  5. Lutheran: 1.5%
  6. Jewish: 1.4%
  7. Orthodox: 1.3%
  8. Methodist: 1.2 %
  9. Episcopalian: 1.2%
  10. Presbyterian: 1.2%
  11. Catholic: .7%
  12. Muslim/Buddhist: .6%

Since paying tithing is a requirement for Mormons to attend the temple, I can understand how they could have a relatively high percentage.  Also, regular church attendance for Mormons is usually around 50% and since the tithing requirement is 10%, I can see how the Mormon church members are at around 5%.

For other Christian faiths, I’m actually pretty amazed how low the charitable giving is.  My understanding was that tithing is a law for all Christian faiths, but evidently I’m wrong about that.  Also, I’m amazed that giving isn’t up for Christians merely based on the fact that Jesus taught about giving to those in need.