Mormon churches meet in congregations organized geographically called “wards”.  8-10 wards combine to make a “stake”.  Every six months the LDS, or Mormon Church organizes a meeting where the stake called “Stake Conference”.   At the stake conference, leaders of the stake (the Stake Presidency, organized by a president and 2 counselors) addresses the congregation on matters they feel that are necessary for the members of the stake.

The theme chosen by our stake presidency was charity.

Typically, when we think of charity today, we think of giving money or means to people suffering.  This is charity, indeed, but the scriptures show that charity is deeper than that.

In 1 Corinthians, chapter 13 (KJV), Paul states that charity is the greatest gift to have, even greater than that of knowledge, prophecy, and faith.

In the Book of Mormon, in the book of Moroni, chapter 7, the prophet Mormon shares some thoughts on charity that are similar (almost verbatim in some parts) as Paul.  Some key differences are that he includes a definition of what charity is (it is the pure love of Christ see v. 48) and that we should pray daily that we can be filled with that love so that when we come before Christ we are filled with His love.

With these thoughts in mind, I’ll share some points one of the counselors of the Stake Presidency shared with us in how we can develop Charity.  He told us there are 10 ways, which include:

1. Daily Prayer

2. Daily Scripture Study (preferably in the beginning of the day)

3. Attending Sacrament Meeting (Communion)

4-10.  He said to fill these ones in according to what we feel moved to do.

Therefore, for a fun little activity, I thought I could enlist some help from those of you who stop by and read frequently.

What would you list on 4-10 on how we can develop christ-like love in our lives?

P.S.  One thing that stood out to me from his talk was to begin within the walls of our own home.  Sometimes it’s very easy to be kind to others and serve others but difficult to be nice to our own family.