Today I became somewhat reminiscant of my thoughts and feelings 10 years ago during the tragic events of 9/11.  At the time, I worked for the grounds crew at BYU and rather than taking the lawn mowers out that morning, we huddled around the radio and heard the tragic news of the airplanes crashing into buildings.

Personally, I felt hollow and empty and amazed.  Later, I felt angry, helpless, and ultimately united.  I felt united with my fellow Americans as we united on many levels.  We united in a mix of emotions, but ultimately, for a few months after the events, we united in a belief in God.  In fact, some studies state that after 9/11 events, 90% of Americans identified belief in God and religion as a good thing.

Today, I personally believe that we have strayed away from this unification as a Nation under God.  In fact, we seem more divided and things seem more chaotic as we struggle with economic and financial stress as a nation and our leaders seem to shy away from openly recognizing God in rhetoric.

It reminds me of the Nephites in the Book of Mormon who were united in Christ for 400 years after Christ’s visit to them but as they became more wealthy and self-sufficient they strayed from God and were ultimately destroyed.  I fear that if we do not remember God as a nation, we will also be destroyed and we may already be decaying slowly with the debt issues, etc. we’re having.

I pray that as we reflect on 9/11 that we also reflect on the feelings of unification we all felt as we were united under God after the events of 9/11.