In a recent article about the current political race with 2 Mormon business leaders (Romney and Huntsman), a Harvard Business School professor, Clayton Christenson stated “I don’t think there’s any more demanding profession than being a Mormon missionary…”  The article goes on to state that the Missionary Training Center (MTC), which is the place where Mormon missionaries are trained, has graduated nearly 1 million missionaries, most of which are highly sought after and successful in the business world.

From personal experience with going through the MTC and serving a 2 year mission in Germany, I whole heartedly agree with these statements.  One of the most difficult things I’ve done so far has been serving as a Mormon missionary.  The whole time I was out there (2 years), I knocked on thousands of doors, talked with thousands of people, and had one baptism.  Not very good odds.

However, while I was out there something happened within me.  First, I realized that I loved working with people and helping them improve their lives.  Even though only one person “bought” what I was “selling” completely, I was able to bring many, many people to have a relationship with God through prayer and other ways.  Next, I learned how to network and market, which is what I do in my current profession.  In fact, upon being hired to my first job in the industry I’m in, when my first hiring manager found out I had been a Mormon missionary he put down the papers and hired me immediately on the spot.

For those of you who have gone on missions, have you seen benefits in your life such as the ones I’ve outlined?  If so, please share!