A recent article titled “Pawlenty video aimed at Mormon faith of Romney and Huntsman” caught my eye a couple weeks ago.  The article made it sound like Pawlenty is slamming Romney and Huntsman because of their Mormon beliefs.  When I watched the video, it didn’t seem like Pawlenty was doing anything other than describe his Christian faith.  I was actually surprised by how straight forward and honest he sounded, something that quite frankly, I’ve yet to see with Romney on certain issues and definitely with Huntsman.

I do not feel that this ad was in any way trying to target the LDS church or other political candidates.  Rather, it was showing his faith and trying to appeal to those who share the same faith and doing so in a straightforward manner.  In fact, I feel that his comments on family and beliefs in God should be appealing to LDS members, but I doubt many Mormons would vote for him.

I believe that Mormons are very hesitant and skeptical about the intentions behind Evangelicals.  Historically, we’ve seen and heard things that are preached against us in Evangelical churches and we tend to want to steer clear of supporting anything remotely anti-Mormon.  Additionally, I think that the LDS are taught that Joseph Smith was told directly by God that all other Christian Churches aren’t right and the LDS, or Mormon Church is the way to go if you truly want to be on God’s side.

On the other hand, I can see how Evangelicals feel the same way about Mormons because we have a tendancy to flaunt our religion as the “one true church” and “all other churches are false”.  Also, I think that many Evangelicals haven’t spent time getting to truly understand Mormons other than things that are taught or rumored in their circles such as “Mormons aren’t Christians” and they believe in a “different Jesus”. 

I’m sure there are many people who share these same feelings.  What do you think it will take and what is the actual likelihood of a Mormon voting for an Evangelical and visa versa in the 2012 race?