Mormons are known for the revelation given to Joseph Smith commonly called the “Word of Wisdom”, which is the law of health.  Part of the Word of Wisdom includes things that individuals should not consume such as alcohol, and “hot drinks”, which the LDS prophets have interpretted to mean caffeinated tea and coffee. 

I read a study on line from UC Davis that stated the caffeine content of some energy drinks can be as high as 294 mg/bottle, which is 50 mg more than the highest amount of your typical tea, coffee, or cola drink.  In addition, when you add the amounts of sugar to the drinks, they become something that definitely are more damaging to the body than any tea or coffee.  See the chart below for caffeine and sugar content in popular energy drinks:

Drink Serving (fl. Oz.) Servings per container Sugar per serving Caffeine per serving Kcal
Diet Rockstar Energy Drink™ 8 2 0g 80 10
Full Throttle™ 8 2 29g 72 111
Go Girl Sugar Free™ 12 1 0g 150 3
Lo-Carb Monster XXL™ 8 3 3g 80 10
Monster Energy Assault™ 8 2 27g 80 100
Monster Energy XXL™ 8 3 27g 80 100
Red Bull Sugar Free™ 8.3 1 0g 80 10
Red Bull™ 8.3 1 27g 80 110
Rockstar Energy Drink™ 8 2 30g 80 130
Rockstar Juiced™ 8 2 21g 80 90
Wired 294 Caffeine™ 8 2 26g 147 100
Note: This table does not include amounts of other stimulants found in energy drinks that can enhance the effects of

With all that caffeine in all of the drinks, along with the stimulants found in many of them that enhance the effects of caffeine, coupled with sugar, an energy drink is far worse than a cup of Joe in my opinion.

In general, I think it is good to treat our bodies with respect and not put harmful substances in them.  I find it interesting though that coffee and tea are laid out specifically as things to avoid, whereas things like energy drinks are left to our own discretion.  I think we should avoid all of them, personally.

A point of discussion, however, is in regards to temple worthiness and the Word of Wisdom.  Mormons who follow the Word of Wisdom (i.e. don’t drink coffee, tea, alcohol, use drugs, etc.) can go into the LDS temples.  Those who do not follow the counsel to not drink coffee, tea, etc. can not attend the temple.   In theory, people could be putting down energy drinks that are much worse than coffee, yet be allowed to attend the LDS temples.

Do you think they should add Energy Drinks to the list for the Word of Wisdom?  Why or why not?

Also, if energy drinks are worse than coffee, if one drinks coffee and not energy drinks, do you think they are justified in saying they follow the Word of Wisdom?