I recently read the book “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo.  It is a story of his son, who died as a young boy and went to Heaven then returned and shared his experiences with his family.  One of the questions that was commonly asked for a few years was if he saw Jesus and what Jesus looked like.  For a long while the young boy saw many paintings and depictions of Jesus but said they were not accurate.  That is until he saw the painting by Akaine Kramarik, a young child who had visions of Jesus as well.  The picture is below:

This picture of Jesus was one I had never seen before.  According to this picture, it looks like Jesus has trimmed his hair and is caught up with the modern-day look! 

Compare that picture with the picture below:

This picture is one of the most famous LDS paintings out there, by Del Parsons.  According to Mormon folklore, a prophet told him this was the most accurate depiction of Jesus and was therefore approved for world-wide distribution.

However, there is another Jesus painting by Heinrich Hoffman that, according to this blogger, is the current LDS prophet, Thomas S Monson’s favorite picture of Jesus as shown below:

I’ve never seen Jesus or had a vision of Jesus, so I really can’t judge which one is more accurate than the other.  I’m sure Jesus could really make himself look however he wanted himself to look, really.  I guess sooner or later all of us will find out though!

Just for fun, I’ll add a little poll.  Which Jesus do you think is the most accurate?