If you subscribe to the LDS Living magazine, you probably read the recent article on David Ciemny, who formerly managed Lady Gaga’s tour schedule.  He has quite the resume and experience in the music industry and has managed to keep his morals in spite of the surroundings he has been with from being in his own band all the way up to managing major tours.  When he reached the peak of success as Lady Gaga was bursting onto the scene, he could see his touring would keep him away from his family for more than a year.  He decided to quit at that time and stay with his family.

I thought the article was interesting, but it was the comments below the article from readers that got me thinking.  It appears that people were divided on supporting David with his career.  Some people applauded him for being able to keep his morals and be a “light on a hill” or “salt of the earth” so to speak.  Others criticized him for mingling with the “wrong” people.  After all (those who criticize say), how can a “good” LDS guy be really that good if he is touring with the likes of Lady Gaga or opening for Metallica?

In Sunday school I teach the 16-18 year olds and we are studying the New Testament this year.  Over and over Jesus is criticized for mingling with the “wrong” people such as sinners and gentiles who are not of the Jewish faith.  In my opinion, those who criticize this guy for being Lady Gaga’s tour manager fall into the category of the Pharisees who judged Jesus.  If David was able to keep his morals and be a good example, then he probably was planting a lot of seeds and who knows who he may have blessed? 

Now it’s your turn.  Cast your vote.  Do you praise or criticize David Ciemny for being Gaga’s tour manager?