In the LDS faith, people are not baptized until they are at the age of accountability, which according to LDS scripture is the age of 8.   According to that scripture, the parents are commanded to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to their children and baptize children when they turn 8 years old or there is a sin on the head of the parents.

When reading a post about Catholic and LDS baptisms, the writer mentions someone close to her who was baptized as a Mormon at the age of 8 and felt like he didn’t have a choice in the matter.  He says he went along with it because it was the social norm and the thing to do and you “go along with it”.  Therefore, the baptism is essentially meaningless for the individual.

For me, I remember my parents teaching me about being baptized and also learning about it in class at Sunday school while I was 7 years old.  While I didn’t understand everything about the commitment it was (and probably still don’t for that matter!) I do remember being excited and that baptism was a good thing.  I remember practicing with my Dad how to hold onto his arm and keep my hand up so water wouldn’t get into my nose.  I also especially remember my baptism because I had to go under 3 times before I was totally immersed (for Mormon’s the baptism isn’t valid unless you go completely under water).

I wonder though what would have happened if I didn’t want to get baptized.  Would my parents have made me get baptized?  I also wonder if there are examples out there of parents who have kids who reached the age of 8 and decided not to get baptized.

What would you do if your child didn’t want to get baptized (assuming you had taught them about baptism and what it means, etc.)?