I was reading some of the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible to my boss on a recent business trip as I prepared to teach my Sunday school class this week.  He wasn’t raised in any particular religion, although he thinks he may have been baptized Catholic when he was a baby.  After a few verses from Helaman in the Book of Mormon he finally cut me off, frustrated, and said

“Why do scriptures have to be so hard to understand.  The reason no one wants to read or learn about religion is because things are written in such difficult language.  The whole time you were reading I was trying to figure out what the last sentence meant and got more and more confused as you read.  You would get more converts if you had a book written in modern-day language!”

His point was a valid one.  For those of us brought up in a relgion that uses the KJV Bible or the Book of Mormon, we have become used to the old English.  However, it is still hard to understand sometimes. 

There are many modern-day translations of the Bible to address the concerns of my friend, but I hadn’t heard of any modern-day Book of Mormon translations.  However, after a little research, I found one.  There is a free interactive site that has it, or you can purchase one new or used on Amazon.  It is called A Plain English version of the Book of Mormon and has some sample pages listed for readers to get a feel for how it is written.

I think it’s a great idea to have a modern-day version of scripture.  I’ve been frustrated many times trying to decipher what words mean. 

In closing, I’d like to pose the question:  Do you believe using a modern-day version of scripture would increase converts?  Why or why not?