Yesterday at a work event I had a dessert that had been cooked with liquor.  My boss who was with me, knowing I was Mormon, asked if that was o.k. that I was eating that.  I hadn’t even thought about it being an issue and told him from what I could tell the alcohol was cooked out.  I guess from living in Europe where many dishes are prepared with alcohol I had become accustomed to eating food that had been cooked with alcohol.

The interesting thing was that this morning I received an email from the LDS Living magazine that had a poll asking the two questions to LDS readers: 1. Do you use alcohol in cooking? 2. How do you feel about cooking with alcohol?  The question had been answered by close to 5,000 people.  Nearly 1/2 of the LDS population that took the poll said they cook with alcohol and 75% of Mormons felt either neutral or positive about cooking with alcohol.

If you’re not a Mormon this is probably pretty trivial, but if you’re a Mormon where do you fall in line with the poll?