In one of my most recent posts, there was mention of Glenn Beck and how he has helped bridge the gap between Christians and Mormons.  Just days after I wrote that post, an evangelical member of my family contacted me about something Beck had shown the other day on end times from both a Christian and Muslim perspective.  Her exact words were “God sure is using Glenn Beck to wake up the American people”.  I decided to check out what she was referring to.

In this particular broadcast, Beck lays out end times from a Christian perspective and a Muslim perspective.  He basically points out that the individual Christians refer to as the Anti-Christ is praised by the Muslims as a prophet.  The mark of the beast Christians are warned to stay away from, is something that is welcomed by the Muslims and receiving the mark is an honor. 

To me, this is interesting but didn’t see a reason to get frantic or distressed over anything.   My perspective is that if I live my life in line with the gospel I shouldn’t worry.

It seems to me that most evangelical Christians are very well-versed in end-times prophesies and dedicate ministries to end times.  I was referred to the Olive Tree Ministries by my family member as well as Understanding the Times.  Both of these sites dedicate everything to current events and things happening that prove the end is near. 

I found it interesting that within myself I do not feel a strong sense of urgency or distress.  I wondered if that was me just being careless or if that is how it should be so I decided to look into what LDS prophets have said about the end times.  I found a great video entitled “Be not Troubled”  that is part of the lesson material from the Doctrine and Covenants manual entitled “Looking Forth for the Great Day of the Lord to Come“.  I found comfort in the scriptures and the video knowing that if I’m prepared I have no need to worry.

What are your thoughts?  Should we worry about the Anti-Christ and the end of the world?  What is your take on preparing for the Second Coming?