With Jon Huntsman stepping down a couple weeks ago, there has resurfaced the debate of whether or not Mormons should be in the White House as president since it appears that both Huntsman and Romney could probably be U.S. Presidential candidates.

In this online discussion, one reader lays out the covenants Mormons make in their temple to give their time, talents, and lives to building up the church.  He goes on to state that if an endowed LDS person is President of the U.S. they would be loyal to the church and not to the U.S. constitution and therefore a Mormon shouldn’t be in the white house.

Since I’m very familiar with the Mormon faith, it’s easy for me to say with confidence I do not believe there would be an issue if a Mormon became U.S. president.  However, I can understand people who may be concerned who are not familiar with Mormons.

Do you think a Mormon could be a good U.S. President?  Why or why not?