I came across a website that shared many predictions of the future of the LDS church.   Many of the people predicted the LDS church would decline and be obsolete within this century.  This was due to changing of doctrine, a decline in membership in certain areas of the world, and other factors.  I came across another blog that discussed a huge decline in membership and congregations closing, particularly in Russia.  I know that when I went to Germany about 15 years ago on a mission, there were 7 missions and now I believe there are only 4 or 5.

Although parts of the world are very unreceptive to the LDS church, I do not agree that the church as a whole is declining.  In fact, many parts of the world such as Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and US are growing significantly (for details visit this website).  Also, some studies show the church has increased in membership by 800 members per day for the past 15 years.

While the people predicting a decline and extinction of Mormonism may be correct in some parts of the world, I do not believe the LDS church will be dying out anytime soon.