I had to laugh reading my cousin’s most recent blog.  He’s serving over in Hungary on a mission.  One of the things he wrote was that a mission is a two year awkward moment.

I thought of my mission and how awkward I felt sitting on trains in Germany with the whole car starring at me and my name tag.  Sometimes we’d strike up conversation and I knew everyone was listening.  I also remember walking up to people on the street and asking them if they’d like to chat about Jesus.  I remember one time talking with a Turkish guy on the street for a few minutes and thinking we were having a great conversation only to find out because my mission companion told me, that he was replying to me in Turkish rather the German!

Of course, everyone has a dog story to share.  I remember walking up to a door and knocking on it.  Suddenly the door burst open and a Pincher shot out straight towards my face and I dodged it just in time.  Check out my cousin’s awesome dog picture.  I think it’s, as he says, the “sweetest picture ever of tracting”:

Those of you who have served missions can empathize with this for sure!

If you have an awkward mission moment, or an awkward witnessing moment please share.