I was reading this blog today about the steps the writer is taking to be successful in his Doctoral program at Purdue.  One of the items mentioned was not doing schoolwork on Sunday.  He goes on to write

 I have seen the benefits and blessings that come from keeping this goal. Sundays provide a much needed respite from worrying about work/school.

I agree with his comments.  It reminded me of my job as a corporate recruiter and the lofty goals I need to make.  Personally, I believe in honoring the Sabbath and to me that includes not working on Sunday.  Many of the opportunities I’ve had to work fall on Sunday and I’ve chosen to forego them.  Many colleagues throughout the country have chosen to work on Sunday and put in more hours than I do.  Even though I put in less time than they do, I’ve been blessed to be the top recruiter for 3 years in a row now.  For me, this is a testament of trying to put God first and watching Him perform miracles in my life.

Have you had any experiences like this?