I’m not an expert on Christianity in Pakistan.  In fact, until the other day I had never considered Christianity in Pakistan.  However, the other day I received the following message:

My name is Pastor Asif Mubark . Me and my younger Brother Evangelist Kashif Mubark Runing Catch The Holy Fire Ministery here in Pakistan for 8 Years. We have 20 home churches all around Pakistan. As you know serving in A Islamic country is not easy way to go but we are very thankful to our Lord for His protection that we are still safe and serving. Please always keep us in your prayers as now a days persecution is very high in Pakistan. Last year the Muslim Mob burned down 3 Differents Christian colonies Inculding Our Christian Colony Gojra . Other 2 Christian Colonies are just on 10 miles away from my Hometown. Please pray for the persecuted church of Pakistan. May God bless you abundantly and your work! Your fellowship will be a privilage for me.
Your Brother
Evangelist Kashif Mubark

This pastor’s sincere plea for strength as he tries to share the word of the Lord in a country that discriminates Christians touched me.  Please join me in praying for not only this pastor, but all people in the world who are persecuted.   Pray for the people persecuting them as well that their hearts may be softened and the Lord’s love can be more abundantly spread throughout the world.