Once again…the Jehovah Witnesess up 2% from last year. According to the most recent publishing of the Yearbook of American anc Canadian Churches, there are 4 churches that grew in membership last year. These were: The Catholic Church (up 1.49%), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (up 1.71%), The Assemblies of God (up 1.27%), and the Jehovahs Witnesses (up 2%).

When you look at the statistics on how many members each denomonation has, the Catholics dwarf all other religions. I recently went to mass with a colleague of mine who had just converted from Southern Baptist (who saw a decline again this year) to Catholocism. I asked him why he decided to join and he told me it was because the church was the original Christian church. It looks like there are 68,000,000 other Americans who feel the same way.