Am I getting old or are music performances and songs getting totally out of control? 

I just watched the American Music Awards today with some of my family and was shocked.  Janet Jackson kicked it off with some good up-beat songs and the performance was good (with the exception of one crotch-grab), Daughtry gave a good, solid, clean rock performance and it went down-hill from there.  We had to turn it off when Shakira came on and there were a spattering of good songs and performances throughout the show, but it was too much for me once Adam Lambert came on the stage at the end.   

I’ll spare the readers the agony of watching the video, but below is a quote from taken from an article online that sums up the performance:

Before his performance, Lambert said that he wanted to break down a double standard that existed where female performers are often sexually provocative while men don’t do it that often.

There were also hostile comments online about the “American Idol” glam rocker who sang his new song “For Your Entertainment” on Sunday’s show with an elaborate, S&M-themed production. Lambert fondled a dancer, led another around on a leash, had a dancer briefly stick his head in Lambert’s crotch and kissed a man.

I guess if we had watched these performances back home in Seattle we would have been spared the agony of watching this garbage since they edited the west-coast performance due to the complaints of the performance.  This re-affirms why we don’t get cable in our home.  We are spared of watching this junk that way.