A friend of mine emailed me this and I had to share.  It is very touching.

Nick Vujicic is from Australia and was born with out arms or legs.  He is now a world-wide motivational speaker and a devout Christian.  His tesitmony is amazing and after seeing this you will come closer to Jesus.  I’ll share a few links and videos that I watched. 

For some reason my video wasn’t working on this site, so I’ll just provide you with the links.  This first video is Nick presenting to some gradeschool and is called “Are you Going to Finish?”   


The next video shows Nick in his day to day life as well as a presentation to a church group:


I sincerely hope this touches you as it did me.  We are all truly created by God for a purpose and if we seek Him, He will lead us no matter what our limitations may be.